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1848 S Ridgewood Ave (US HWY 1) South Daytona, FL 32119

Daytona Beach has recently had its largest population spike. The city grew from 61,005 residents in 2010 to 78,000 people who call Daytona home now. In just the past four years, 2,386 new single-family homes have been built in Daytona Beach, and another 769 are under construction. 2,250 new multi-family units have been built, and an additional 1,094 units are currently under construction. 131 new commercial buildings have gone up and another 48 are being built now. Amazon is presently building a new 5-story facility with 1,000 new employees. Older hotel buildings are starting to be purchased and rebuilt/remodeled re-boosting the tourist economy.